Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Week { or 3 } In Photos

These last few weeks seem to have flown right by so here I am catching up on three weeks of weekly photos. We have been pretty busy so I did not have a ton of pictures to go through but these are my top favorites from the last few weeks.

Possibly my most favorite picture of my little cutie right here. I am so blessed.
Thanksgiving with Mama's family on Black Friday.  
Sharing snack and watching Mickey together. He loves his cousin.

 He loved this and played with it most of the afternoon.

 Brayden LOVES the lights and gets excited to turn the tree on every morning.

Doing puzzles in my favorite Christmas jammies he has.
Hopefully I can get him to sit still again to take more pictures like this.

My crazy kid loves a piece of paper and a pencil. Of course he is supervised. He thinks he is so cool.

He LOVES the Chrismas Tree.
And another super cute pic from this week.

The weeks are seriously flying by and we are somehow just 12 days away from Christmas which means we are fast approaching Brayden's 2nd Birthday. Time needs to slow down.



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