Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our 1st Family Vacation Part 1

You have been warned...this could be one of the longest posts to date and it is packed full with all the details of our very 1st family vacation and loads of pictures to go with it. I really hope that you will read along.
Well, our vacation has sadly come to an end and we are trying to get ourselves back into the swing things. It's not an easy task as I am exhausted from the pure craziness of the trip and our ridiculous idea of traveling with a toddler.

Trying to keep an active 20 month old entertained on a long road trip proved to be much more exhausting then I thought it would be.  We had about a 14 hour drive to Myrtle Beach, SC so we decided that while traveling with a toddler we should probably split it up between two days and just enjoy the scenery along the way. The first day of our drive Brayden did a really great job. He enjoyed having Grandma read to him, he played with stickers, watched a few movies and took a great nap. I was so amazed at how well he did I thought the rest of the drive would a breeze. Well, he proved me wrong the second day and just about any other time we got in the car the rest of the week. There was nothing in my bag of tricks this kid wanted, all he wanted was out of that car seat which included trying to arch his back while buckled in and letting out a nice ear piercing screech. Oh ya, that was loads of fun. Needless to say we were all extremely ready to get to the resort and finally be out of the car. We had one toddler with an excessive amount of energy on our hands once he was set free from the dreaded car seat.

This was our first time visiting Myrtle Beach and I will say that we will be vacationing there again. We had the absolute best time at the beach and enjoyed all the great amenities we had at the resort. We stayed at the Caribbean Resort in Myrtle Beach in a beachfront condo. Waking up to the sound of the ocean was just amazing and so refreshing. The resort had multiple pools, 2 lazy rivers, Kid pools and direct access to the beach & ocean. Everything that we needed was pretty much right there or very close & super convenient.

View of Resort from the beach

Kitchen in Condo

One of the Bathrooms

Living & dining Room

Balcony view

Our first full day there was full of many "firsts" for Brayden that included...

 first day on the beach
 first time picking up seashells
first time playing in the sand & ocean

Walking to the ocean for the first time.

Standing in the ocean for the first time.

Sandy baby toes

Pack, Pack, Pack

We all enjoyed seeing his excitement while he experienced these things for the very first time. I may have had more fun capturing it all on camera. He had such a blast.

They had several awesome pools available at the resort so we of course took some time away from the beach to check them out. Brayden loved the pools as well and may have loved splashing around more. Splashing Daddy was his favorite thing to do.

Splashing daddy in the pool. This is one of the few I got in the pools because I was usually in the pool with them. Not the safest place to take a phone.
Our second day we decided by the request of Daddy to visit the Ripley's Aquarium of Myrtle Beach. This is a must see attraction while visiting Myrtle Beach for sure. Going through the underwater tunnel in the Dangerous Reef Exhibit was beyond awesome and something that we have never experienced before. Seriously a cool thing.

The rest of the week was filled with a crazy amount of time on the beach and in the pools and a couple walks down to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. The Boardwalk was personally one of my favorite places on the beach, lots of shops & restaurants and miles and miles of beach. We did visit a couple nearby malls to get out of the sun for a bit as well.
These are a few...ok, A LOT of my favorite pictures from the beach.
My all time favorite picture of Brayden on the beach!
 Carrying buckets of water up the beach...using his muscles.

Following the "duck" around as he called it.
Traveling with a toddler was a huge challenge and something I don't think I want to do again anytime soon but our time at the beach was still amazing and many new memories were made.
This was just Part 1 of our trip...Part 2 will be coming in the next day or so with all the beautiful scenic pictures I took along the beach and Boardwalk.
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