Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life Lately

Its officially spring and I feel the need to clean and freshen things up around the house. I need to reorganize, de-clutter and rearrange stuff. I would love a fresh coat of paint on the walls but I have been thinking seriously about moving at some point so not sure that's something I want to tackle just yet. Painting is a lot of work. So, I think I will just try and clean and rearrange things first and hopefully that will do the trick.

 We are definitely ready for warmer weather and exploring outside. We have had a very cold and snowy winter so we have spent a crazy amount of time inside. I know that we are in need of some fresh spring air and a change to our daily routine.


Life here lately has not exactly been going how I thought things would be going at this stage in my life but we are embracing the changes and are excited for what the future holds for us. 

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