Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brayden {3 Months}

Our little guy is 3 months old, YIKES! Where is the time going?  I just can't believe it. So much has been going on here lately. We just spent our first Easter together as a family and we LOVED it. We loved making up his very first Easter basket, eventhough he has no idea what is going on yet. Here are some things Brayden is doing...

  • We found that he loves to be outside, it really seems to calm him. So, we take him out for walks whenever the weather allows us to.
  • He has found his tounge and sticks it out all the time and LOVES it when daddy sticks his out.
  • He gave us his first really big belly laugh on Easter Sunday, it was the absolute cutest thing I have ever heard. Daddy sticking his tounge out at him was super funny.
  • He has started to reach for his toys hanging on his bouncy seat and from his floor play mat. It is starting to keep his attention longer.
  • He is pretty much sleeping through the night (since around 10 weeks). He wakes up sometimes but usually just giving him his binky settles him right down.
  • Likes to watch and talk basketball and baseball with daddy.
  • We introduced him to his stationary stand up activity set and he loves it. He really enjoys being "up".
  • I can't say that he loves the bath yet but he does not scream in terror everytime we put him in it anymore. Hope it gets better as he gets bigger.
  • I am a little obsessed with Instagram and can't stop taking and editing photos of him.

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