Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brayden {4 Months}

13lbs 2.5oz 25inches

Well, my little man turned 4 months old on Sunday and I am just amazed at how fast time is going. I might be even more amazed at how much he changes day to day. Brayden is such an active busy little boy even though he is still so little. He does not like to stay in one place very long so we move around a lot during the day to keep him entertained. He really enjoys being outside so we go on walks or just sit in the backyard as much as the weather allows us to, his entire mood will change the moment we step outside. He has taken a real joy in trying to get his entire fist into his mouth, and actually just about anything he is playing with he attempts to get it into that mouth. We started giving him cereal and he really likes it, he is always laughing and smiling in between every bite, we of course think its absolutely adorable. Just last week Brayden and I made our first solo trip an hour away to visit my mom & sister for the day. This was a huge step for us, well probably more for me really. I was super nervous about driving that distance with him by myself. I know, it was just an hour. The trip went very well, Brayden slept the entire way there and home that evening. The new thing he has discovered is standing up, he just wants to get up and go. I have a feeling this kid will be walking early, yikes! We finally decided that it was time we try to get Brayden to sleep in his own room. Up until now he has slept in his pack-n-play in our room. He has been sleeping at least 6 to 10+ hours a night since about 10-12 weeks old but it was never consistent and I was just not comfortable with him being so far away since his room is on the other end of house. I guess I am just a nervous new mommy. Well, the transition has gone great. He has slept very well the last couple nights going to bed between 7 & 8pm and waking between 5:30 & 6am. I hope it continues. Now if we could just get a nap schedule down I would be even happier.

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