Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brayden {6 & 7 Months}

Ok, so I am a little behind in my monthly updates on my little guy. Life with a little one does not allow things to happen the way that I would necessarily like them to happen. But thats ok, I am learning to just go with the flow. My house is never clean anymore and there are toys and such all over the house. I would not have it any other way:) These last 2 months have been so amazing watching this little man learn how to do so much. At 6 months we knew it would only be a matter of time before he started to crawl, and sure enough by 6.5 months old that is just what he did. In the same week he learned to crawl he also had his 2 bottom teeth coming thru. What a week!

I always wanted to have his pic taken every month in the same place but he just does not sit still for me to get pics anymore. Crazy kid:)

Here are some things Brayden is doing at 7 months old...

We officially have a full on crawler in the house. He is EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING. Brayden is such a determined independent little boy so I know he is loving being able to get around on his own and check things out. We just love to watch him make his way around and actually play with all his toys. He has also figured out how to pull himself up at the couch and a few other places as well but we still fall down quite a bit. We have really low windows in our house and they are the perfect height for him to stand right up to. They even have a ledge so I see lots playing at the windows in the future. We decided to introduce some 2nd food mixtures with meat in them and he really really likes them. We also started giving him some snack time Puffs which he LOVES and he is even doing pretty good at trying to pick them up on his own. The only bad thing about month 7 was that we experienced our first illness, it just broke my heart.

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