Friday, October 19, 2012

Brayden {9 Months}

Well, Mr Brayden turned 9 months old on October 6th. 9 MONTHS, geez! Its all going so fast. We have not had to many new milestones this month. He is mostly just improving on the skills he picked up last month. Brayden is still not walking on his own yet but he gets closer and closer every day. He really cruises along the furniture and even took off walking all by himself behind his learning walker.  We officially have  a "first word"mama mama mama! He says it all the time and I of course just love it. Brayden has also finally picked up on waving. He gets so excited when it does it to.
As of October 12th, 2012
Weight- 16lbs 10oz
Height- 28in
Head- 17in
 Dr says he is doing great and is a very healthy little boy.
That always makes a mommy feel good.
Loves to look at himself in the mirror. He loves to "kiss the baby". Its so cute.

He LOVES to sit almost sideways in shopping carts so he can see whats going on. You would think just being able to sit up would be enough but not for this kid.

Loves to play/chase our dog around but she is not always thrilled about that. She would much rather sleep.

Not being able to do what he wants.
 He is getting better at laying still for diaper changes and getting clothes on but its still a struggle most of the time.

Foods with any sort of texture to it. We tried the stage 3 foods and he is not a fan of them at all. I will probably wait a bit and try them again.
What a difference 9 months makes!

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