Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Personal Baby Must Haves

I have actually wanted to put one of these posts together for a while but as usual time just gets away from me so easily these days. I have been coming across a lot of posts like this on other mommy blogs I frequently visit so I guess I will jump in and share my two sense as well.
As a first time mommy it is really hard to figure out what you need and must have for your new little one. I have learned that there are a lot of things out there that may work for one family/new baby but not everyone. What works for one does not always work for another. It really is all trial and error.
My son is now 9 months old so these are things that we have used or currently use now that are my personal favorite baby must haves.

I think that this is probably on every new moms list of things to get. I LOVE the Boppy. We used this ALL THE TIME when Brayden was an infant. He just loved to be all snuggled up in it and would sleep for hours in it. Definitely a "Must Have" in my opinion.
Baby Magic Lotion & Soaps
I Love the way this smells. They need to seriously make a candle out of this smell and call it clean baby. Just a personal favorite of mine.
We did not get a fancy pack-n-play with all the cool stuff on it. We just kept it simple and I think I would say I am glad we did. We kept it in our bedroom and used it as a bassinet for first few months and worked great for us.
Bumbo Seat
I think that everyone is pretty familiar with the Bumbo seat and probably already knows that it is a must have for a lot of families out there. We just loved how this seat can be used for so many things...playtime, snack time, chill time. My son loved to be able to sit up and see what was going on so this really worked well for us. I still put him in it at times and feed him his snack, the tray is so handy.
Space Saver High Chair
I cant say enough how much we absolutely LOVE this chair. We don't have a lot of room in our kitchen at all so space is definitely an issue for us. It simply attached to one of our kitchen chairs.  I recommend this for anyone doing research on high chairs. The best thing about it is that it grows with your child and it is so easy to adjust. My niece is almost 3 and she still sits in one and fits just fine.
V-Tech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker
This has been my favorite toy that we have. Brayden LOVES this and plays with it all the time and just the other day stood up behind it and started walking with it, all on his own.
Bright Starts Bounce Bounce
There are a few different variations of this activity station out there but this is the one that we had and Brayden really enjoyed it. I don't put him in it very much at all these days simply because he just does not like to be contained. He likes his freedom to go and do what he wants. As soon as he was able to hold himself up somewhat we would put a blanket around him for support and he would play in this for a while. It really help build up those muscles for him to sit up on his own. My sister had a Jumparoo that we used when we went for a visit and he really liked that one as well and I actually wish I had had one too.
Cart Cover
I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to germs ESPECIALLY on public high chairs and shopping carts. I always sanitize them before using them and you better believe it I do carry a package of Clorox wipes with me just for times like these. Crazy momma, I know! If for some reason I am without my cover I wipe germ mobile very well before putting him in it.


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