Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brayden {10 Months}

(Ok, as usual I am slightly behind in posting, he will be 11 months next week. Better late than never, right?)
I really had no idea that the time could possibly go this fast. In just 2 short and very busy months my little baby boy will be 1 year old, sniff sniff. Ten months, wow! Its just so hard to believe. Brayden is getting closer and closer everyday to walking on his own. He stands alone while playing, and has even taken a step or two towards something he wants but quickly falls down. Its just a matter of time.

 We finally decided that it was time for a  big boy car seat and he really likes it. He sits up straighter and higher so I think he is much happier with that. The only downside to having this seat is when he falls asleep in it. We have yet to master the skill of moving him while asleep to the stroller or in the house. I am sure we will get better at it and find what works for us.

We have started to introduce more and more table food and sometimes it goes ok and sometimes he is just not interested.
opening and closing drawers and cabinets and of course pulling whatever is in said drawers and cabinets out and throwing them on the floor.

playing peak-a-boo or hiding and you chase him.

wresteling with daddy, he loves to get daddy while hes on the floor.

scrambled eggs and pancakes, cheese, yogurt, gold fish snacks

Textured baby food ( I think I mentioned it last month but he still does not like it at all)

Still hates getting dressed but is getting better about letting us change his diaper, sometimes!

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