Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brayden {11 & 12 Months}

Well, as usual I am  a little late posting this 11 month update so I am going to combine 11 & 12 month together.  Time just gets away from me. Being one year old should really have a post of its own but I did put together a post all about his first birthday here.

We officially have a walker in our house now. Brayden started walking the day after thanksgiving (Which would have made him about 10.5 months)  and has not stopped, in fact he practically runs at times. Its so cute to watch him walk all around the house, doing whatever he wants. Within the next week his two top teeth came through giving him a total of 4 teeth now. I just love seeing his little smile with all those teeth.

One year Stats...
19 lbs
29.5 in tall
Size 12 month clothes

Now that Brayden is ONE we have started him on whole milk and he is starting to eat a lot more food that we are eating instead of baby food. I can't tell if he loves the milk yet but I keep offering it to him with meals in hopes he will start drinking it more. He does really enjoy cheese and yogurt so I am not to worried if he does not get much milk right now.

Some of his favorite foods include...
Cheese crunchies
Yogurt melts
Multi grain cheerios
Honey Kix
Scrambled eggs

Favorite Toys...
Hot wheels cars
John Deere Semi Trucks
Mega blocks
Thomas the Tank Engine riding toy

Being able to walk ALL BY HIMSELF
Giving kisses
Eating big boy food
Being naked or in minimal clothing
Having books read to him
Chasing the dog, hiding from the dog and getting in dogs bed
Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and Neverland Pirates & Thomas

Being cooped up inside, he wants to play outside so bad but its just been to cold.
When things do not go the way he wants them to, seems to get frustrated quickly.
Does not like being told "no"


  1. Oh my goodness! Walking at 10.5 months?! Such an ambitious little guy! My oldest hates being cooped up as well... I think it's a boy thing! lol

  2. your son is adorable! Love your blog, new follower :)

  3. He is so cute! And walking! And giving kisses {those are the ultimate best}. Oh I cant believe my little man will be this big one day!

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