Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Big Milestone...Turning ONE

It's official, we now have a ONE YEAR old! It is starting to settle in with me that he really is ONE. We had such a great time celebrating this very special occasion. We had a very small party here at our house with close family and it was just perfect. Brayden gets very overwhelmed with large groups so we kept it small and in an environment that  we knew he would be comfortable in. It all worked out great and hen had a blast.

Picture highlights from the party below...

My handsome little birthday man

Mama started prepping form this party  just days before, which was chaotic so my note to self is start planning much sooner next before the holidays. Anyway, everything turned out super cute. I wanted to make the party decorations, its something I have wanted to do for a long time and I really enjoyed making them. 

First Birthday Theme...Monkeys
Colors...Brown, Green, Orange and Blue
Date of party...Saturday January 5, 2013
Location... Our home

We started the party out with food, just some light appetizers, a few dips and of course a cheese and cracker tray. We ate and chatted and watched Brayden and my niece play before opening presents. After presents we moved onto cake which turned out to be not as cute as I had hoped it would be. He was fine until we started singing "Happy Birthday" then he started screaming and wanted absolutely nothing to do with the his smash cake. We even tried it again later without singing and he did not want cake at all, not even just a taste. Poor kid, we scared him I think.

Hand written First Birthday Chalkboard (LOVE how this turned out) I had a blast creating this, many more chalkboards to come for sure.

 I had so much fun creating this Birthday Banner using my Cricut, Way to cute!

 OF course we had cupcakes, its just not a party if you don't have them.

Family Picture with the Birthday Boy

Thank you all so much or stopping by and checking out Brayden's First Birthday Party. I am already thinking about his 2nd birthday, I think I am crazy to be thinking about that already. Parties are so much fun, I can't wait to plan more.

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