Sunday, April 28, 2013

Brayden {15 Months}

I actually wrote this a couple weeks ago but had not published yet due to not having a 15 month picture. They are pretty much impossible to get anymore. He is not up for sitting for a photo shoot anymore. So, I will add a pic when I get one.

We had Braydens 15 month appointment this week and it was probably the most stressful appointment I have taken him to yet. Once the nurse called us back and we got into the room and I undressed him the screaming began and did not stop. All she wanted to do was weigh him and he absolutely refused to sit down on the scale and everything after that was a fight which included lots of screaming. It did not get any better when the doctor came in. She was barely able to do the exam and I could not hear myself talk to her or keep a hold of my child for that matter. They are super nice people at the office so I have no idea what scared him so bad. Perhaps he remembers what happens every time we go there. I am hoping that at his next appointment he behaves himself. The good news is he is healthy and doing very well. He is in the 16th percentile for weight at 20.8 lbs and 47th percentile for height.

Within the last month we have had a little hiccup with his sleeping through the night but I think we are finally getting somewhat back on track. He has finally started to eat eat some fruit and veggies without a fight or just throwing it on the floor. He is now loving bananas with his breakfast and often eats them before anything else on his plate. Corn and peas are his veggies of choice right now and I am OK with that. We love that he is enjoying sitting at the table with us to eat and he is still very interested in using his spoon and fork but still often uses his hands mostly because its quicker.

Shakes head yes
Stacking blocks...up to 6 or 8

Loves playing outside
Taking pillows off the couch, gives him more room to crawl around on couch.

Coming inside after playing out side

New words at 15 months
Back up

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