Friday, July 26, 2013

Our week in photos

Starting something new here on the blog. I need to document more and get my pictures off my phone so I decided that every week I will now post about our week in pictures. This is my life, our days in pictures, the little but big things that happen on a moments notice.

We have had sort of an up and down week so pictures throughout our days have been slim. We started out the week OK but then Tuesday our little man woke with a fever so he pretty much layed on mama all day long, it was an exhausting day for us both. Wednesday things were much better in the morning but then the afternoon was long due to a certain little guy only taking a 45 min nap. A cranky toddler has kept me from getting anything photo worthy the rest of the week. 

This was before he took a shovel full of sand and covered all the buttons on top of this Thomas toy. 

He likes his new chair Grandma had made for him. 

This kid loves his cars. 

Sick day...cuddles with mama.

Ready to rest and watch Thomas.

Feeling much better.

He is just so darn cute! 

Hoping for a much better week to come and hopefully more pictures and a happier toddler. 

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