Friday, August 2, 2013

Brayden {18 Months}

Yes I am super late with this post as he will be 19 months old on Tuesday but that's life and I am working on getting these posts together sooner.

18 months old, seriously 18 months already!!!!! I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast. I know that I say it every month and sound like a broken record but its just crazy how fast the time goes. Time flies when your having fun. 
It is something new for this kid every day. He is still as ambitious and curious as he always has been. He has become quite the climber these days and is even mastered pushing stools up to places to get higher. Smart kid. He has no problem getting on the couch, coffee table or even onto his rocker. I recently went into his room to check on him only to find him standing on the arm of the rocker with his foot up on his crib rail saying "bed" "bed". Mama nearly had a heart attack at that sight. Needless to say, the rocker will be moving away from the crib soon.
I am impressed at the things he understands when we talk to him. If we ask him to go get something he usually knows what we are asking and often answers with a "yes" or "no" if we ask him if he wants something. The communication barrier is still there but the more words he learns the easier it gets to figure out what he needs.
It seems as though this kid is going to end up with a mouth full of teeth all at once. Up until around 17.5 months old he had just his top and bottom four teeth. He know has two top molars and almost two bottom molars with several other teeth showing visible signs through the gums. 

18 Month Stats (official numbers once he goes to his checkup)
Height 30.5in
Weight  22lbs
# of teeth 12

Favorite Food

Favorite Toys
Hot wheels cars

Favorite TV Show
Sofia the First

Being outside getting dirty
Playing in the sandbox
Being a big helper
Making a mess

Being told that he can't do something 
Coming inside
Sitting still

New words...his vocabulary grows every single day but these are the newest words.

Sofia (sounds more like fisa almost backwards)

We also have heard his very first "phrase" this past weekend (18.5 months old)
"What Happened"
and then later the same day...
"What Doing"


  1. So fun reading about other boys that are Easton's age! And holy moly, Easton is turning into a monster. At 16 months, he's 24lbs and 32.5". lol.

    1. I love reading about kids Braydens age too. If he wasn't such a picky eater he would probably weigh more but the little stinker never wants to eat what I give him with the exception of his favorites I listed. I hope its just a phase.


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