Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brayden's First Zoo Adventure

We have talked about making a trip to the zoo for a while now so we recently (a month and half ago) planned and made the trip to Indianapolis for Brayden's First Zoo Adventure. We live within reasonable driving distance to a few really nice zoos but felt the Indianapolis Zoo would be the best choice for us and it ended up being the closest.

About a week before our trip Brayden discovered elephants in a book and became slightly obsessed with them wanting to look at the book and say "elfant" constantly. We told him that we would be going to the zoo and we would see lots of animals like monkeys, giraffes and of course those elephants he was obsessed with. Of course being just 18 months old I am sure he did not really understand how cool this trip was really going to be. Maybe Mommy and Daddy were just a bit excited for the zoo.

Just a little light reading on our road trip.


Yep, he was exhausted!
Great Zoo to visit, we can't wait to go back again!



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