Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Week In Photos

I take a lot of pictures but hardly any with my good camera. Most if not all of the pictures I post are taken with my phone, its so convenient and much easier to carry around. This weekly post really helps me get those photos off my phone and allows me to tell a story with them. They may not be the best quality pictures but they are memories and I want to cherish them for as long as I can.

Week of August 18th, 2013

This kept him busy for a while. Only my kid. He loves lining things up.

Somebody was not happy that I told him he could not walk through a neighbors garden while on our walk so he protested by laying down in the street. Luckily we live on a very quiet street with very little traffic.

Sunday night walk with Mommy & Daddy like a big boy.
Ran his hands through his hair after eating banana with breakfast.

Monday we had a visit from Grammy and Auntie and Skylar. They love playing together.

Tuesday was a very difficult day for us. Mommy gave into the binky and a Thomas movie by 9AM.

Playing outside in the sand helped his bad mood for a little bit.

Selfie with mommy while playing outside.

 He loves watching the cars and trucks go by and gets pretty excited.
New trick?
I guess he is practicing his football positions. We are excited for football season around here.
Friday morning snuggles and cuddles on the couch.
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  1. I love the diaper and protest picture, LOL. And what a great idea for the sandbox! Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. We LOVE the sandbox, its the perfect size and very portable so I can move it around the yard or to the driveway depending on what I am doing outside.

  2. What a cutie!! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment :) I loved the diaper line-up!

  3. Love all the photos! He is so stinking cute! My little one has white-blonde hair like that too! You should enter one of these in the photo contest on my blog. Such cute pictures!

    1. Thank you Sara! Heading over to your blog to check out your contest.

  4. Your little boy is adorable! I have a little boy right around the same age! They are so much fun. I may have to try your little sand box idea. I bet Jackson would have so much fun with that!

    1. Thank you Amy. We LOVE the sandbox, you should try it out for sure!


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