Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Week & Weekend In Photos

Another week has flown by and we again kept it pretty low key around here. I took Brayden to his 18 month well check on Tuesday and it was another super traumatic experience just like his 15 month check. I am very thankful that we do not need to return until he is two.

Still really loves his animals or "friends" as he calls them.

Comfy, right? 

Mommy's day off so we headed out to Target and the mall for a bit

He insisted on his "friends" coming into the mall so here he is looking at himself in a mirror at Old Navy. 

She is really not happy with where he has decided to play with this cars.

He sat and played with his cars for the longest time.

Someone decided nap time was over rated so I had to bribe quiet time with a Thomas movie. He did not object. 

Breakfast on the counter, who doesn't? Lol! Don't fear I moved him to his chair after I took this picture. 

 Sunday was the last day that the Farm/Petting Zoo was going to be open for the summer so we made plans to take him one last time after mommy got home from work. He absolutely loves the ducks so we definitely spent most of the time watching them.


Happy Monday!!!!
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