Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our week In Photos

I am so happy that this week has went much better than last week. We got out of the house a bit and were in a much better mood. We made the trip an hour away to spend the day with my mom and sister on Monday then spent the rest of the week around our house and running errands. Pretty easy going week but we had fun.
 I am not really sure how I feel about the weather these last couple weeks. Its been so much cooler than normal which I really really enjoy because we have been able to open the windows and play outside without melting but then I am a bit sad because we have not been able to swim very much. Hope to hit up our aquatic center a couple more times before then of the season. 

Riding in the cart at Walmart with his cousin Skylar. 

Swinging with Skylar. Despite the look on his face in this pic, he was loving it. 

Such a happy kid while swinging.

He has really started to love all his stuffed animals recently. I called them his "friends" one day and now he calls them that all the time.  Hugging the monkey.

I just love this and I am so glad I saw him sitting like this to get the picture. 

Of course we had to make our weekly stop at Target. My little shopping buddy.

Daddy finished staining the deck this week so we got the sandbox back out and played a little. 

Saturday morning Mommy had to go to work but I could not resist snapping this cute pic of him watching morning cartoons, feet crossed just relaxing. I miss him so much when I have to be away. 

Have a great week! 

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