Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October {Fall Printable}

Happy 1st day of October to everyone.
 I have been feeling a little bummed about how fall is starting out around here. Things of course are looking like "fall" but the 80 degree weather is not helping it feel like fall at all. I am still wearing shorts and flip flops. I want jeans, boots, and layers. We are also dying to get to the Orchard & Pumpkin Patch but we were hoping it would "feel" a little more like fall before we go. The Midwest is tricky when it comes to the weather.

I searched Pinterest for the perfect fall printable but I just could not find one that really said what I felt when I thought of Fall. So, I decided I would just put one together on my own. It's simple & that's the way I like it. I LOVE printables, I mean really love them. I have several printed that I have pinned for different holidays and I LOVE them. I hope to make more in the future and offer them here to anyone.

So, I decided that I would share my printable here for anyone that might like it. All you have to do is save it and get it printed out.
(Right-click to save or open it full size) Its that easy.


I sent this to Walgreens to be printed and it printed beautifully. I do recommend printing in an 8x10.
Please give credit where it is due and link back to my blog if you share this printable. Thank you:)

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