Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Photo Dump

 Last week turned out to be one of those weeks that just got away from me.
These past couple weeks have involved lots of climbing and testing boundaries. It seemed like every time I turned around he was climbing up to or on something. He is a smart little cookie and knows exactly how to get what he wants. You will see what I mean by a few of the pics below.

More climbing and Puppy snuggles.

My absolute FAVORITE picture from the last two weeks.
A perfectly normal place to "Chill" while mommy gets ready for the day.

Spent some time at Barnes and Noble yesterday, played with blocks and checked out some books. Then we walked over to Toys R Us and played with the train table. I think a train set is in our near future.
Linking up once again with Sasha!

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  1. Those pictures are hilarious! I love the sink picture!!! Thanks for linking up! xo


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