Friday, July 25, 2014

Life Lately

Life seems to be moving at an incredibly fast pace these days and I find that there are just not enough hours in the day  to complete everything I want to do, as usual. I'm sure this is the story of almost every ones day. I try hard to just roll with the punches and enjoy the days but often find myself feeling a little defeated and exhausted at days end. I guess that is just part of life. Although, we some how find ways to push through and make the most out of these precious moments with the little ones. This is how most of our days are spent... 

Playing with chalk is one of our most favorite things to do while outside.  

Bath time has been either a good thing or a horribly bad thing these days. He either enjoys it and wants to stay in forever or he throws a giant fit. We have found that bubble baths make bath time so much fun.

 Just sippin on my juice.

I am usually the one taking the pictures so I am obviously not in very many. I am trying to include a few more mama & son selfies.

This kid is pretty serious about his coloring and we often get them out a couple times a day. 

This kid has my whole heart.

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