Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brayden {5 Months}

OK, so I am a little behind in posting this but better late than never. Brayden keeps us so busy so there is not much time for blogging or anything that I would want to do for that matter. But, honestly I would not trade how my days go for anything. I recently just started back to work part time and am gone most evenings and weekend mornings but I feel very blessed to get the majority of the days with him and so happy that daddy gets some time with him while I am gone. Of course I hate every second I have to be away from him but it helps that he gets to be home with daddy.
 Brayden turned 5 months old back on the 6th and as I say every month, I just cant believe how fast he is growing. I feel that even in the last few weeks he has learned to do so much so fast. He has been officially rolling from back to tummy for several weeks now and he does it almost instantly every time we lay him down. Needless to say diaper/clothes changing has really become somewhat of a battle. I find myself dressing him while he is laying on his tummy. Whatever works, right! Brayden is a VERY determined little boy, he knows what he wants to do and if he can't make it work he gets very angry and lets us know it. He still LOVES to be standing up so he spends a lot of time in his stationary bouncy activity center.  He is sitting up on his own with very little assistance. We usually put him on the floor with the boppy around him and his basket of toys in front of him and he will stay in the upright position and content playing for a little while. It is so nice that he is able to start doing some things on his own, he really loves that independence. Mommy & Daddy enjoy it too:) Brayden also has really found a love for making his voice known in the house. He has become a lot more vocal belting out lots of new sounds and seeing just how loud he can get. We really enjoying seeing the joy and excitement in his face when something sparks his interest or makes him laugh. Brayden has also disovered his feet, he is always grabbing at them and even trying to eat them. He of course finds this particular activity the most fun when I am trying to change his diaper.

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