Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brayden {13 months}

We have such an ambitious, busy little boy around here. He is always such as busy little guy. I feel very blessed because most days he plays a lot by himself. He is very satisfied playing independently.
We had a rough time a couple weeks ago when Brayden had his first really bad cold that ended with an ear infection. He was pretty miserable and mommy and daddy felt so bad for him. Having a sick little one is NO fun at all.
Brayden also has another tooth coming through on the bottom bringing the total up to 5 and I think we will be adding a few more soon.

Pushing the laundry basket around the house.
Opening and closing doors is pretty fun.
Playing with pots and pans, forget about toys!
Playing with his cars and making car noises.
Watching Thomas The Engine, he gets so excited.
Reading books, over and over.

Having his nose wiped.
Diaper changes, still. Not every time but its still a battle.


  1. Such a fun age! My littlest is 13 months as well and pots and pans are a big hit in our house to.

    1. It really is a fun age. Thanks for stopping by!


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