Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Brayden {14 Months}

14 month pic to come as soon as I upload it to my desktop...

Another month and a half has quickly passed and my little man is another month older. 14 months to be exact. He is turning into such a smart, loving little but big boy very quickly. It seems that he has grown up into this big boy all of a sudden. He wants to eat with a spoon and fork all by himself and claps and says "yay" whenever he accomplishes something. Which of course Mommy and Daddy find super cute. His excitement over the smallest of things just make as us love him even more.

Playing with pillows on floor
Wrestling with Daddy
The Swiffer and Vacuum cleaner...he loves for me to vacuum so needless to say my floors should be pretty clean since we clean them almost every day.

Being told "No"
Being contained in a stroller or shopping cart. He would much rather be free to run around. Sometimes he is good and sits through a store other times its not as easy.

What he is saying...
Casey (our dog)
rock (whenever we are rocking him he sways back and forth and says "rock, rock"
nice (said alot while he is petting the dog becasue we always have to tell him to pet her "nice")

New words at 14 months...
milk (only a couple times but he definitely knows what it is)

We have been working on getting different parts of the body as well and I am surprised at how much he knows. He knows eyes, nose, mouth, ears (sometimes), hair, toes, and hands. He is obsessed with his belly and belly button as well as anyone elses if you let him lift your shirt. It thinks its Really funny to poke our belly button. Some of these he knows on himself but most of them he will point out on Mommy or Daddy.


  1. I think it's inherent that little boys love to wrestle with their dads. lol. I love it. But I always have to remind my husband to be careful cause he gets into it. Ha ha. Happy 14 months to your little one!!

    1. Lol, yes I think it is. My husband just loves that he is old enough to wrestle around. Its a blast to watch for sure.


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