Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One Year Favorites

We have a lot of toys in this house for just one little boy. Having all these toys indeed leads to a huge mess all over the house. I could absolutely care less about the mess he is making because I LOVE watching him discover new things. I could and I do watch him all day long. There is just something about seeing things through the eyes of a child that really makes you look at things differently. So much curiosity and determination as they play and learn. He learns by watching and doing.

These are a few of our favorite things at One Year Old...
(I think all of these are pretty gender neutral toys with the exception of maybe the cars.)

Baby's First photo album book- We put pics of family and other things he loves in this book and he loves it. Highly recommend a book like this.

Mega blocks First Builders

Hot Wheels Cars-Hot wheels cars are a big favorite around here. He knows how to make car noises and pushes them on the floor. One of his favorite things to do, especially play time with daddy.

Books-all books are great but we do have a few that are big hits.

My Pal Scout by Leap Frog- such a fun toy. Brayden loves pushing the buttons and its even says his name and plays fun songs.

Leap Frog Fridge Magnetic Vehicle Set-we love this as it is something in the kitchen for him to play with. He enjoys playing with the magnetic pieces and occasionally gets them in the place to make a match. Not a correct match yet but he is learning and it also plays music so he likes that as well.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy- similar to the leap frog pal but is still fun and

Other One Year Old Favorites...
Veggie/Fruit squeeze pouches-I think that these are perfect for any child but especially if you may have a child that does not like eating cooked veggies like mine does. For some reason Brayden does not like eating his veggies. I am hoping he gets past it and that its just a texture issue.

Great ideas for First Birthday gifts or possibly Christmas. Even if your little one just needs something new. These are big hits in this house.

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